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AACE International Conference Recap

Posted by Nick Papadopoulos on Jul 8, 2015 11:23:00 AM


I just returned from another trip to Las Vegas (the fourth one in the last nine months) to attend the annual AACEI conference. This is the conference to attend if you're interested in cost engineering and total cost management. Attendance was high with close to 800 participants. While it's not unusual to meet clients and prospects focused on buildings and facilities, the conference is best suited to the non-building sector: energy, process, infrastructure, etc.

Project history and benchmarking remain hot topics. Everyone attending has data, but they have a difficult time accessing it quickly and reliably. They can't easily leverage their history to make sound business decisions, so they don't, and the elusive goal of consistent and predictable benchmarking processes remains just that—elusive.

We had strong attendance at the Eos Group software showcase by multiple large Oil & Gas majors, as well as industry-leading EPC firms. The showcase turned into a collaborative discussion about how to develop people, processes, and tools in support of sound benchmarking practices. An education exchange beats a sales pitch every time.

I had a chance to present our advanced Oil & Gas sector solution that was developed for existing Eos Group clients. This solution, which uses advanced publishing, data validation, and analytics, is often mind blowing to those who've never experienced a mature project history data set (over 4,000 historical projects) coupled with an advanced set of benchmarking tools.

I'm looking forward to working with the Cost Engineering Consultancy team to integrate Eos Advisor with the Cleopatra Total Cost Management solution. That will be our focus for the 2016 AACEI conference in Toronto.

I hope to see you there.  


by Nick Papadopoulos


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