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Eos Navigator 2.2 Released

Sage Estimating SQL 19.11

Eos Navigator: Sage operation at your fingertips

Eos Navigator: Estimate Approvals

Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating Conference in Dallas

Eos Navigator: Full Steam Ahead...

Eos Navigator 2.1 Released

Freedom to Roam

Two Simple Mouse Clicks

Eos Navigator: Project and estimate locking...

Eos Navigator: Estimate versioning...

Eos Navigator: More operational management

Sage Estimating: January Webinars

Process vs. History

Better is Better

Eos Cortex: How to create a project map by project type

Eos Cortex: Normalization for instant apples-to-apples comparisons

Announcement: Sage City

I just want a piece...

Sage Estimating SQL 18.12

If we can't agree on the data...

Sage Estimating: October Webinars

Eos Navigator: Eos Navigator 2.0 Released

Eos Navigator: Reporting Analytics...

Eos Navigator: Simpler Experience...

Sage Estimating: August Webinars

Sage Estimating SQL 18.11

Eos Navigator: What's Coming Next...

Eos Navigator: Enterprise Security...

Eos Navigator: Extensibility...

AACE 2018

Eos Navigator: What We've Been Up To...

New Navigator Product Manager: Greg Bloom

Benchmarking for Estimators: A Practical Perspective on Programs

JBKnowledge 2017 Construction Technology Report

Sage Estimating SQL 17.12

NPS Facility Management and CESS

Empowering You and Your Estimates

Free Slew

Sage Estimating SQL 17.11

Eos Group Announces Partnership with ICMS

Does Your Project History Walk Out the Door?

Big Data: How to Leverage Estimating’s Data Explosion

Migrating our Infrastructure to Azure

5 Construction Estimating Trends to Watch

AACEI 2017 Showcase

When Estimating Worlds Collide… In a Good Way

They Never Forget the First Number

Project History Cheat Sheet

2017–A Big Year for Benchmarking

When Technology Surprises the Technologist

2D + 3D + Sage Estimating = 5D BIM

Transforming Historical Project Data Into Useful Information

Sage Special: MC2/U.S. Cost Software Users

Do the Math: BIM + Estimating = ?

AACEI 2016 Annual Conference

How to Create an Electrical Substation Estimate in Five Minutes or Less

Benchmarks for Spaceships

Estimating Technology for Construction 2016 Conference

New Technology to Tackle 5D BIM Challenges

Time to Take 5D BIM to the Next Level

Three Reasons Why Estimators are Adopting BIM

Thoughts from the 2016 Western Winter Workshop

AACE International Western Winter Workshop 2016

One Size Does Not Fit All

Hensel Phelps–Sage Estimating

Who Does the Heavy Lifting?

Alternate Price & Productivity

AACE International Conference Recap

Oil Prices—The Effect on Cost Estimating

Why Discipline Matters More to Benchmarking

You Can Have It, I Don’t Want It Back—Sharing and Keeping Data Pure

Is it Time to Redefine Cost Estimating & BIM (5D)?

Cost Estimate Management–Playing Nice in the Sandbox

Then and There vs. Here and Now—Factoring for Time and Place

Eos Navigator—Cost Estimating Management

Eos P6 Integrator—Product Release

Too Little, Too Much, and Just Right—Attributes Worth the Effort

Recap My Year at Eos Group–Your Trusted Advisor

Apples & Oranges—Organizing Data to Make it Useful

Flying Cars

The Visit of Many—Same Project Type, Same Phase, Same Story?

Creating the Perfect BIM—Can You Afford the Time and Money?

The Path of One—Tracking One Project through Phases

Should Estimators be Making 3D Models?

Why Bother with the Past?

Cost Estimating & BIM—Running in Parallel

Please check my math

MOAS: Mother Of All Spreadsheets

What I learned at BIMForum - Betting on the Future

Cost Estimating Database or Knowledgebase

Walking the Walk - Project History

Cost Estimating - Living with the Law of Averages

How much is that software costing you?

Are you lonely?

Never Give Up

Other Costs

Swimming Upstream

Let's Talk...and Listen

Nailed It!

Do you know what Cost Estimating means?

2D or not 2D

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