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Posted by Gary Hills on Aug 18, 2015 9:53:00 AM

Do you know how to use the alternate productivity and alternate price features in Sage Timberline Estimating? These features are set up in the Eos Group High Voltage Knowledgebase and Industrial Piping Knowledgebase and ready to use for adjusting your estimates.

You can choose to use alternate productivity and price selections when you create a new estimate. The High Voltage Knowledgebase offers nine alternate productivity selections and two alternate price selections. First, let’s see what takeoff looks like when not using alternates. Notice that the Labor productivity table and Price table boxes are blank. This indicates that Sage Estimating will use the database item prices



This estimate is for a small project that involves installing one drilled shaft pole foundation in a confined area within a large city. We’ll use an assembly for the takeoff.


The initial estimate totals approximately $12,000 (with addons).


Because this project is located in a confined, urban setting and is small, let’s select the urban congested very difficult productivity setting (which requires more labor hours) and the small purchase material price selection (where we can’t expect volume discounts). With these selections, the estimate increases to about $55,000.


This is not just an exerciseit’s a real-world example. One of our clients prepared an estimate for this project without using the alternate productivity. The actual bid was around $50,000, so they wondered why it was so different from their $12,000 estimate. Once we adjusted the estimate for the alternates, it was much closer to the actual bid.

Sage designed these adjustment features to provide more labor for situations that require more labor and higher material prices for small and medium projects. If you use these features, you can improve your estimates.



by Gary Hills

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