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Eos Cortex: How to create a project map by project type

Posted by Jason Frink on Nov 27, 2018 9:42:00 AM

Eos Group has received requests for an automated mapping feature in Cortex and plans to add this functionality in the future. In the meantime, here’s how you can use Google Maps to create a map in just a few easy steps!

  1. Gather the projects you want to map into a collection and export them to Microsoft Excel.

Make sure you include columns for location and project type, and include any information you want the user to see when they click a project pin on the map, like project size or contract amount.

Cortex Mapping 1

  1. Open Google Maps, navigate to Your places, select Maps, and click Create Map.Cortex Mapping 2
  2. Click Import under the default layer, and then select the Excel file you downloaded from Cortex.
  3. Select your location field to drive the project pins and your project type field to group the pin types. You can also edit the groupings to show an icon. Click Preview to check your progress. Cortex Mapping 3


When you’re finished, use the Share feature to distribute your map and make it available to others.


  • You can manage the information that displays when a user clicks a project pin. In Edit mode, click a map pin to:
    • Select which project properties to display
    • Add a photo or video
    • Adjust colors
  • Click Base map to select from different background options that may help your project pins stand out more on the map.
  • Use longitude and latitude coordinates to specify the pin location for remote or offshore projects.
  • Use the Open data table command to edit the spreadsheet information you imported if you need to make any changes like deleting un-used columns or statistics rows, and fixing location information.

Happy mapping!


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