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Eos Navigator 2.2 Released

Posted by Greg Bloom on Aug 12, 2019 2:29:17 PM

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Eos Navigator 2.2 is ready for you!  Download today.

“For Eos Navigator clients who also use Sage Estimating and Cortex Project History, this is a major release as it delivers even tighter web services integration with these market-leading products. The team focused on workflow, doc management, and performance in this release. Navigator 2.2 provides numerous features and enhancements that help bring order to the madness of preconstruction estimating.” – Greg Bloom, Eos Navigator Product Manager

This release of Eos Navigator delivers numerous enhancements and new features, including:

  • Seamless integration with Cortex Project History 
    Now you can publish a project directly to Cortex Project History from Navigator. The publishing results display in Navigator and include links for easy access to the project and import results in Cortex. While the export to Excel feature is still available, the new publishing workflow via web services eliminates the interim step.
  • New snapshot mode for locked Sage Estimating estimates or estimate versions
    With Navigator 2.2, you can open a temporary copy of locked estimates or previous versions of estimates. Once you close the estimate, Navigator removes the estimate snapshot. The snapshot feature gives you the ability to review, evaluate, and analyze estimates without modifying the current version of the estimate.
  • Quick access to advanced Sage Estimating operations
    Now Navigator includes all of the common estimate management features that were previously available only in Sage Estimating, including associating a database with an estimate, assigning the City Cost index, assigning default rate tables, recalculating an estimate, downloading and uploading estimates, and merging estimates. Access to these features in Navigator makes the estimate management process even more efficient.
  • New Document Collection panel to manage project supporting documents
  • Expanded estimate notes panel
  • More fields available in collection and information panels
  • New custom action menu on the information panels
  • Additional estimate version functionality

Please visit our Eos Navigator webpage for more information or contact us if you want to learn more about Eos Navigator 2.2.


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