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Eos Navigator: Estimate Approvals

Posted by Greg Bloom on Jul 16, 2019 3:37:07 PM

Unless your business card says President or CEO, it’s unlikely a price is ever presented to a client before it passes through several rounds of review and refinement.

The question isn’t whether your organization has an approval process, but whether it’s a managed process.

Does your process look something like this?

Hands with map

Or this?

Estimate Approvals

Using Eos Navigator’s estimate approval workflow, you can:

  • Prevalidate an estimate for data compliance (optional)
  • Require submitters to confirm a checklist of prerequisite tasks
  • Establish approval levels based on estimate size
  • Easily monitor approval status
  • Notify approvers of status via email
  • Preserve approved estimates with Navigator’s locking feature
  • Track approval history

Estimate Approval image

Bring order to the madness of managing your preconstruction estimates using Eos Navigator.

Please visit our Eos Navigator webpage for more information or contact us to learn more about the new features planned for Eos Navigator 2.2, which is currently scheduled for release in early August.

Look for our next blog post where we’ll discuss Eos Navigator’s advanced operations that simplify the management of Sage Estimating estimates.


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