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Eos Navigator: More operational management

Posted by Madeleine King on Jan 18, 2019 10:45:22 AM

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The Eos Navigator 2.0 release in October completely redefined the Navigator experience. With encouraging feedback from the market, we continue to focus on modernizing the user experience and expanding the reporting system and data exchange service.

“Getting the 2.0 release to market has been very fulfilling. The reception from clients has been extremely positive.  Now we’re looking for new ways to make Navigator valuable to estimators – things that are part of their daily operation, but can’t be done easily or natively in Sage Estimating.”
– Greg Bloom, Eos Navigator Product Manager

Eos Navigator 2.1 will also include new and exciting operational features, including:

  • New estimate versioning
  • Expanded project and estimate locking
  • Revised estimate approval workflow
  • Configurable estimate validation
  • and more...

Please visit our Eos Navigator webpage for more information about Eos Navigator, or contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the new features planned for Eos Navigator 2.1, which is scheduled for release in mid-February. 

Look for our next blog post, where we’ll talk more about Eos Navigator’s new estimate versioning system.


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