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Eos Navigator: Sage operation at your fingertips

Posted by Greg Bloom on Aug 2, 2019 7:11:00 AM

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Eos continues its strong working relationship with Sage by delivering functionality that complements their core estimating product.

“We’re very grateful for our long-standing development partnership with Eos. Eos Navigator is an innovative product. It extends well beyond our basic estimate management functionality, and we strongly recommend it for clients that need a managed process.” – Mark Peltz, Sage Estimating product manager

In previous releases, Eos Navigator introduced basic estimate management operations to create, move, copy, rename, and delete estimates. Our goal was to provide efficient, intuitive functionality in a customized experience. (Check out the latest informational videos on our YouTube channel for more details.)

The Navigator 2.2 release includes advanced operations for:

  • Merging estimates efficiently and consistently
  • Downloading estimates and associated cost databases
  • Uploading estimates and restoring cost databases to remote environments
  • Associating estimates with a standard cost database
  • Assigning a City Cost Index to estimates
  • Applying default rate tables to estimates
  • Recalculating estimates

All of these features are available for a single estimate or collection of estimates and are limited to users with the appropriate permissions.

Bring order to the madness of managing your preconstruction estimates using Eos Navigator.

Please visit our Eos Navigator webpage for more information or contact us to learn more about the new features planned for Eos Navigator 2.2, which is currently scheduled for release in early August.

Look for our next blog post where we’ll discuss Eos Navigator’s streamlined process for publishing final estimate data to Eos Cortex Project History, our industry-leading project history system.


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