Eos Group Announces 2016 Piping Knowledgebase

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the release of their 2016 update for the Eos Piping Knowledgebase. The Piping Knowledgebase is designed to support construction cost estimating for utilities, owners, design engineers, and contractors for piping used in facilities, line pipe, and industrial plants. 

Designed for use with Sage Estimating, the knowledgebase contains over 106,000 items, 175 assemblies, and one parametric model. It includes a labor rate table for 2016 US average Davis-Bacon prevailing rates and benefits, with additions for employer payroll burdens. The knowledgebase can be merged with current RSMeans data (obtained through Sage) without conflicts or renumbering. The new release is an upgrade to the previous piping knowledgebase, with updated pricing.

Gary Hills, Senior Database Developer for Eos Group, said, “We continue to improve our piping knowledgebase and this release of the knowledgebase is the best yet. We believe it offers the widest coverage of industrial piping available on the market.”

Parametric Model takeoff provides for quick pipe estimation on a line-by-line basis, with fittings, joining, valves, insulation, and more. As the design develops, the selections for metal, wall, pressure rating, or any specification can be changed and regenerated easily without having to start over again. And one model interview can be copied and modified for a similar piping line number.

Nick Papadopoulos, Eos Group CEO, commented, “The Eos Piping Knowledgebase continues to expand in content and flexible methodologies. It works well for Class 5 (conceptual) to Class 1 (competitive bid) estimates. Clients can use the same knowledgebase to deliver initial pricing, and refine their assumptions as the design matures. It includes a level of automation through smart assemblies and parametric cost models that makes it unique in the process and oil & gas markets.”

For more information about Eos Piping Knowledgebase 2016, please visit our website at http://www.eosgroup.com/products/knowledgebases/eos-piping-knowledgebase/