Eos Group Announces 2016 High Voltage Knowledgebase

Monday, February 06, 2017

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the release of their 2016 update for the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase. The High Voltage Knowledgebase is designed for use with Sage (Timberline) Estimating and supports cost estimating for electric utilities, design engineers, and contractors involved in electric transmission and distribution and heavy industrial electrical work, from step-up transformers to point-of-use at high, medium, or low voltage.

The knowledgebase contains over 32,000 items, along with 259 assemblies and 32 models. The new release is an upgrade to the High Voltage Knowledgebase, with additional content and updated pricing for 2016. This release of the knowledgebase includes numerous additions and revisions based on feedback from our customers:

  • Substation security: Following the sniper attack at the PG&E Metcalf Substation in California in April 2013 and the guidelines in the NERC CIP-014 standard, electric utilities are evaluating and implementing increased security measures at their substations.

Eos added items, assemblies, and a model to provide enhanced security and protection for substations, including three types of concrete unit walls and two types of anti-climb steel fence. Barbed wire or razor ribbon can now be added to wall and fence tops. Ballistic protection barriers for UL Level 6, 7, and 8 were also added for the protection of critical equipment, such as large power transformers.

  • New and improved substation models: Eos improved the substation conceptual models in Microsoft Excel and added models for ring bus and small distribution substations.
  • New cable content: Eos added substation control cables, instrument cables, metering cables, and fiber optic cables, as well as cables and conduit for substation equipment models.
  • New labor rate table for 2016 US average Davis-Bacon prevailing rates and benefits, with additions for employer payroll burdens.

Gary Hills, Senior Database Developer for Eos Group, said, “We spent many hours revising and expanding our substation design templates and the Sage model. For those who worked with earlier versions of the templates and model, be sure to take a look at the new ones. We also recognized and responded to the need for increased security at substations by adding useful content for substation security and protection to the knowledgebase. We’re excited about the extra value this will provide to our customers and clients.”

Model takeoff supports conceptual and detailed estimates for transmission lines, switchyards, and substations. As the design develops, selections for any specification can easily be changed and regenerated without having to start over again.

For more information about the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase, please visit our website at