Eos Group Announces Debut of Eos Navigator

Friday, March 9, 2012

Eos Group, Inc. announces the long awaited pre-release of Eos Navigator, its next generation preconstruction software solution. Eos Navigator will be available later this year, representing the cornerstone of Eos’ next generation technology. Eos Navigator addresses enterprise preconstruction decision-making and analysis with a scalable, modular platform. It is a collaborative, workflow-based enterprise platform that streamlines the AEC/O preconstruction process.

Eos Navigator offers many of the great benefits that our clients value in Eos Explorer Extended. As the successor to the Eos Explorer estimate management system, Eos Navigator has retained a tight integration with Sage Estimating while being far more extensible than its predecessor. The debut of Eos Navigator introduces an intuitive, highly customizable user experience that centers on the estimating team and delivery process rather than the individual estimator. It was built around deep integration with enterprise IT infrastructures, databases, and reporting systems.

Nick Papadopoulos, President of Eos Group, Inc. said, “Eos Navigator is the foundation of our next generation preconstruction process management system. It provides the framework to accurately initiate, manage, and analyze the cost estimate life cycle. It’s the enterprise preconstruction platform of the future.”

About Eos Group, Inc.

Eos Group, Inc. focuses on enterprise cost estimating and helps engineering and construction firms design, develop, and implement packaged and custom estimating solutions. With a combination of unique products and some of the top consultants in the industry, Eos Group assists companies with the implementation of enterprise systems that couple historical cost data with a standardized approach to produce accurate, defensible estimates. Eos’ solutions target seasoned estimators and project engineers in all market sectors. For more than a decade, Eos Group has built relationships with trusted names in the industry by focusing on the integration of systems and processes within each organization.
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