Eos Group Announces Eos Advisor 4.1

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the latest release of Eos Advisor, version 4.1. Eos Advisor is a web-based project history and benchmarking solution built for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) market.

This release of Eos Advisor provides several productivity and analytics enhancements, including improved reporting capabilities, an enhanced search experience, easier navigation for editing historical projects, and optional concurrent use licensing. This version is also compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014, and Microsoft Office 2013.

Report enhancements give estimators and benchmarkers the ability to dive deeper into key analytics as they review quantitative metrics, unit cost trending, and other data trends. Search feature enhancements help clients find the budgets and details they need more quickly so they can spend more time analyzing their data and less time locating it. Improved analytics allow benchmarkers to track patterns and meaningful trends in their data more accurately, which will improve the accuracy of their estimates.

With the addition of optional concurrent use licensing, clients can now purchase the number of licenses they need and set up an unlimited number of users in Eos Advisor. When all the licenses are in use and another user tries to sign in, the system notifies the user that all the licenses are being used and they can sign in when another user signs out.

“A great leap forward in key metrics and analytics set this version of Advisor apart from previous versions. Support for unlimited key ratios and dashboard metrics enable Advisor to address more complicated benchmarking requirements in the process, industrial, and oil & gas market sectors,” explains Nick Papadopoulos, CEO.

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