Eos Group Announces Eos Explorer Extended Version 2.8

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the release of Eos Explorer 2.8, its enterprise estimate management platform. This version provides enhancements and new features that add to the user experience in several areas: validation results, viewing pane tabs, and projects. Validation results are even easier to review now that validation pass details are grouped by category for quick reference and the History tab panes can be resized. With Explorer 2.8, system administrators can control the visibility of viewing pane tabs for user groups using view permissions for tabs. In addition, companies can begin the transition to estimating in stages with the new project folders’ Stage field. Clients can use this field to track the stage of construction or completion for their projects. The Stage field will also play a role in Eos’ next generation products by allowing clients to gate workflows based on the project stage.

Eos addressed other client requirements in Explorer 2.8 by adding a history cleanup feature that gives system administrators the ability to remove legacy history entries from the SQL database and by incorporating the latest Microsoft Office File Editor, which supports inline editing of Microsoft Visio and Project files. Collectively, the enhancements and features in Explorer 2.8 demonstrate Eos’ commitment to providing an estimate management solution that goes beyond managing just the estimates.

About Eos Group, Inc.:

Eos Group, Inc. focuses on enterprise cost estimating and helps engineering and construction firms design, develop, and implement packaged and custom estimating solutions. With a combination of unique products and some of the top consultants in the industry, Eos Group assists companies with the implementation of enterprise systems that couple historical cost data with a standardized approach to produce accurate, defensible estimates. Eos’ solutions target seasoned estimators and project engineers in all market sectors. For more than a decade, Eos Group has built relationships with trusted names in the industry by focusing on the integration of systems and processes within each organization.
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