Eos Group Announces Eos Navigator 1.7.16 Release

Monday, June 26, 2017

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the latest release of Eos Navigator, version 1.7.16. Eos Navigator is a collaborative solution for managing projects and estimates at the enterprise level while optimizing preconstruction project controls.

This release of Eos Navigator includes compatibility with Sage Estimating 17.11.17144.101 (Microsoft SQL version), along with enhancements to estimate approvals, estimate validation, the export service, logging, and performance.

“Eos Navigator is our project and estimate management platform that works with Sage Estimating (Microsoft SQL version). It replaces Eos Explorer Extended, which works with Sage Estimating (Pervasive version),” explains CEO Nick Papadopoulos. "Sage Estimating (Microsoft SQL version) users will find themselves working in the same ‘sandbox’ for the first time. Sandboxes need rules or they get ugly fast. Eos Navigator offers a project-centric solution, enabling teams to manage multiple project components—and the estimates that support those project components—in an enterprise platform."


For more information about the Eos Navigator 1.7.16 release, please visit our website at http://www.eosgroup.com/products/eos-navigator.