Eos Group Announces Release of the 2015 Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase

Today Eos Group, Inc. announces the release of their 2015 update for the Eos High Voltage Knowledgebase. The High Voltage Knowledgebase is designed for use with Sage (Timberline) Estimating and supports cost estimating for electric utilities, design engineers, and contractors involved in electric transmission and distribution and heavy industrial electrical work, from step-up transformers to point-of-use at high, medium, or low voltage.

The knowledgebase contains over 30,000 items, along with 234 assemblies and 30 models. The new release is an upgrade to the High Voltage Knowledgebase, with additional content and updated pricing. Based on customer feedback, Eos made extensive additions and revisions to the knowledgebase for this release, including:

  • Foundation modifications: Added several new pile types, pile caps, and grillages.
  • New steel content: Added numerous steel shapes, steel assemblies, a steel three-phase termination/spreader structure model, and steel substation structure models.
  • Added a new model for distribution lines on wood poles, assemblies for service distribution transformers, and more.

Gary Hills, Senior Database Developer for Eos Group, said, “We have heard our customers and clients and we have made changes and added content to deliver a better knowledgebase. We hope that our new release will be even more useful.”

Model takeoff supports conceptual and detailed estimates for transmission lines, switchyards, and substations. As the design develops, the selections for any specification can be changed and regenerated easily without having to start all over again.

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