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Eos Navigator: What We've Been Up To...

Posted by Greg Bloom on Jun 13, 2018 11:03:00 AM

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Interest in Eos Navigator, our next generation estimate management system, is increasing as the number of Sage Estimating clients migrating to Sage Estimating SQL continues to rise. 

With external pressure from clients and prospects driving our momentum, the last six months have been busy for the Eos Navigator team.         

"We received a lot of valuable feedback from both existing Eos Explorer users and new Eos Navigator users that helped us solidify our plans. We recently completed the first phase of a multi-phase development effort. User experience remains our primary focus while we also continue to re-introduce critical Eos Explorer features into Eos Navigator." – Greg Bloom, Eos Navigator Product Manager

Recent Eos Navigator improvements include:

  • New, fixed side navigation panel (replaces the Browse widget)
  • Expanded feature set and refinements for all collection panels (Project, Component, and Estimate), including search, filter, group by, and export
  • Revamped functionality for editing groups and layouts
  • New configurable item import capability
  • New configurable item export capability
  • Enhanced event history tracking

Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our recent improvements or other changes slated for Eos Navigator. 

Look for our next blog post where we’ll talk about how to extend Eos Navigator’s integration functionality using our new data transfer engine.

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